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The Real Way To End Cannabis Prohibition.....Where It Started..In Parliament




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Written by @[712777243:Chad Nance], Political Editor for SKUNK Magazine. Re-posted with his gracious permission. I fully believe this speaks to Canada as it does the U.S. We are seeing a momentum in the community that if handled strategically will bring us into the future...hope to see you there!


"It won't take a "someone" to bring an end to prohibition. This cult of personalty thing we see wall to wall these days in the mj movement is a dead end. Feels like everyone is searching for some sacred cow to get behind instead of doing the hard, sleaves up work that it takes to effect political change in America. What it will take is a concerted effort by those who want to legalize. It will take them truly getting involved with the political process by finding VIABLE candidates who do not have a history of racism, homophobia, or being up for bid. It will take the boring stuff. Not the marching, screaming, and posting the same old info on facebook over and over again. It will take canvassing for candidates and never mentioning marijuana. It will take licking envelopes. Making dinners for campaign workers. working phone banks for viable candidates. It isn't glamorous, it's tough, and it doesn't allow folks to make grand claims to being "activist" or "heroes". The only way, in America, to get a political voice without paying for it is to do this work. build those relationships, and work from the bottom up- NOT the top down. Local elections, then state elections THEN national. How the Evangelical Christian right in America gained their power is an excellent model. I'm not down with their end goals, but they have done it right. Took them a little over ten years to become a major player in American politics and now 40 odd years after they began they are one of the top THREE major players in American politics. Ironically the mj legalization movement has been around for about the same amount of time... compare the results and tell me who's method works the best?"



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