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The Real Way To End Cannabis Prohibition.....Where It Started..In Parliament

Probable last post here and the spammer is now removed

Well sorry all it appears I missed one


(   see here : from my admin file




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295 New Members were denied joining in 2014


See we get a lot of attacks mostly from emery idiots and wanna bees and 99% of sign ups are never added and this place is lately just a permanent record mostly to the political effort we did see happening to get here with the cannabis  issue

Yes ….finally wide spread today but with no one knowing who actually did the actual 20 years of work politically  I for one obviously know this should be out there and part of why is to stop more idiots from emerys camp attempting to pretend he actually did something which he did not  and it is well known my opinion of emery as a scumbag charlatan and money grubber with not one original idea of his own who pretends otherwise


I was there and know the truth and will someday also release a book documenting a few more real tidbits  emery wishes all would just forget I have no doubt


I also remind all of you if you made it onto here you then  must be a special person  and certainly are to me


Also please note that I have now lost my liberal executive seat and been black balled by the liberals for supposedly blackmailing Justin to say he would accept the policy and that he would not veto it and that he would legalize cannabis something he was completely against even at the convention
Yes I was embarrassed and destroyed in the liberals  even though it ( my issues efforts)  built the party back up in mere days to again  first place  in polls

 I leave all this as a record for a couple of obvious reasons

And will always be here if I can swing it but it has served its purpose and I am winding down all of my two decade effort and going to try to forget the corruption and terror for a while ( knowing  people don’t give a rats ass unless its their own ass effected and we are just doomed as a species because we are in fact idiots I guess)



$100,000 dollars I spent in all these partys I was elected to as an exec something no one else I know of has done in three mainstream political partys ….EVER

Also founding a party running for leader or president of others etc etc
Yeah I know…who cares

With out even  a real job though and even while being attacked  all the way doing it and by even our own kind to do it all politically ....bottom line....all Canadian  legalize  cannabis policies have had my hands on them in fact two of the three were directly  by my efforts and the third a perennial liberal youth wing favourite bob rae and I worked on for months before it ever saw the light of day and I then  rejoined the liberal party to formally bother to see it approved


I swore while in jail as an innocent man 22 years ago over 8 grams of pot I had zero to do with selling that I would prove framing me a very big mistake for the bullies and I have I SAY  and I have also shown any that actually care how and what happened to see Parliament actually deal with this issue they themselves  created

The only place to even see the discussion that took place with in the liberal party of canada is only here at my own shavluk.com  that I know of

Sadly I say as that means they too are fakers and players I think

I salute each of you and will remove the spammer I missed here then probably stop doing anything more with this site as just to even say this took hours and hours with what looked like another csis or rcmp attack that ate all I tried to post here AGAIN SADLY.....gosh that hurts and takes so much time to rebuild all this eh

I cant bother to get it all and I am sure they know that but this is what I have now so sorry cant be bothered with much any more and wont ever again as nothing is real ...the economy is a Ponzi scheme.... peoples rights all an illusion ....the pm should not even be there and should be in jail ......nothing allows the political partys to take over like they have yet they have as we are collectively stupid it seems

Mean time harper gives media owners 700 million dollars in bribe money ...er action plan money for programs that do not exist and again no one cares so why should I

Cheers all take care and good luck ...I said it all better the first time or two I wrote all this and if now it again gets eaten and not posted by someone ..well I cant say I will do it again tonight.........

See the effort within the liberals the only place left to even see it at my page


Liberal Party/Cannabis

FEB , 8 2013

I because of games played by liberals have quit in my participation at their liberal.ca page
They continue to treat canadians as stupid and play games and may not be worthy even voting for
That remains to be seen by whom ever  out spends the rest to win the leadership

Now as some one who worked very hard to get their resolution approved and as some one who has according to the party even blackmailed the front runner to come clean on his own use and support the resolution and as some one now gone from their pages and had them remove every word I had ever said …well… I do want to preserve the comments that built the momentum to get it approved …in the first place as it was the lowest resolution and we worked it up to # 4 in the biggest and the # 1 as far as shared and Likes !

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