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The Real Way To End Cannabis Prohibition.....Where It Started..In Parliament

A plea for help from any pro cannabis people…any where !!

As some of you may be aware I after a nearly 4 year effort and fight …….had the first re-legalized cannabis resolution within the ndp party and ended up having to show them all as cowards and hypocrites when I had to run for party president just to say the word cannabis (Quebec City 2006)
jack layton sent agents to meet Marie and I and explained that penitentiary unions and police unions would never ever let them talk about that issue and that the bottom line was and is that they were cowards.

And some of you are also aware of my efforts within the federal green party as we got a re-legalized cannabis policy brought out formally ….Oct 11 2007 and my work in 3 Federal Council elections and at their convention in Nova Scotia 3 years ago trying to get them to actually stand up for it (Feb 2009)


Again some may be aware of my being attacked by even pm harper and elizabeth may in 2008 for my cannabis activism and the resulting lawsuit and BC Supreme Court Trial whereby now ….with 140 year old Canadian laws now changed to get elizabeth may and the greens off from Libelling me twice they are as they promised now bankrupting me with legal fees and a judgement

( I should point out their willingness to now just walk away from this unearned debt if I stop trying to tell the truth about Elizabeth may …and her lies ….but this is not a done deal yet)( and I will be sharing what happens to any that care)

I have never ever asked for help in 21 years at this nor ever received any out side of a hundred dollars from Kelly Christie as we both stood as federal green election candidates 
I even gave many many dollars to some currently on vacation in the USA who turned out to be fakes …..thousands of my own dollars and paid for years the thousands of dollars it took to do all the above work and much more as I worked politically for over 20 years on this issue…for us

I have been in 5 Federal election fights... 3 Provincial election fights….a municipal election fight …a BC Green party leadership fight and the ndp presidential race mentioned above

It is with and in trepidation that I even now ask this …..but I can not swing it any other way with out a miracle 

I have worked hard in all the political parties for many years if the truth be told and my latest efforts have resulted in getting re-legalized cannabis up to the # 4 top priority resolution for the soon coming huge Liberal party Ottawa convention and today I just learned it is guaranteed to reach the convention room floor !!!


I am asking each and every one of you for help and I have to say I am sorry to have to do so and would even promise to pay you all back… as ..well to be honest its even hard to just ask this and its just not my way and certainly never has been
When they framed and jailed me and bankrupted me as an innocent man for 8 grams of cannabis 20 years ago I was a millionaire and have always been a lone stranger in all this and financially ….I am sorry to even have to ask

But I need two thousand dollars that I do not now have just to finish this work and perhaps help make history as we then take the wind out of the ndp and greens as they then become irrelevant to us if the Liberal Party now takes up a policy to re-legalize cannabis…something I feel I can accomplish in Ottawa January 12-16th if only I can get there
The convention itself is $675 dollars up front just to get in
Airfare pre-booked is looking @ $700
Hotel prices are retarded and I found I cant sleep in rental cars and do this as effectively as if I had a warm place at night
(Pictou NS was feb 28 to march 2 2009 and it was cold obviously… Ottawa in January doesn’t allow camping)

We have an account @ TD Canada Trust ….shavluk …acct # 10220-509-572667 and any branch can take donations and issue receipts and forward us any funds that any of you can possibly share ….please?
I know this is a bad time but see no choice
Given time I will pay it back if any like
I pledge to make you all proud if I can get there and to not make us look stupid nor silly as others have in the past with their fake activism (for their own infamy and gains ) ….or with their weak egos and financial agendas have in the past
This certainly as always IS NOT ABOUT ME !!

If you have never heard of me but have anything to do with cannabis please just search shavluk in google etc and see if I do..... walk the talk !!

I thank all of you who even just read this and ask that you please share this and spread this any where ….as time is fast running out

I didn’t want to get any too excited until my questions were answered internally with in the Liberal Party but that happened today !!

Will you please help me... to help us …to help each other?

Thank you and CHEERS !
And Happy New Year !!
(this year its on Jan 23 as we enter Dragon or Aries year !!)


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