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The Real Way To End Cannabis Prohibition.....Where It Started..In Parliament

I have a small company that grows medical cannabis for people who can't grow for themselves. I went on the MMAR lobbie groups FB page was Blocked. A group member asked about findingng a DG, I posted my web page and said that I could help. Pat Bird ( Laurie)and others administers said that the FB page was for discussion only and the web page was set up for advertiving. She said to go on the cannsave.net web page. I have tried many time and the Pat tells me I have to make a "donation" in order to be listed on their web page. What gives with that, I thought the web page was for all MMAR card holders and can't understand why all compassion shops other dispensaries are there but Pat refuses to list www.medcannabis on the lobbie groups web. Help


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Well good luck although this place has zero to do with the MMAR

We dont have papers that make us special and I for one dont want one

This is about anyone and their use of cannabis and the political fight needed to assure we are not treated as criminals

Feel free to post what ever you want here if its cannabis related

Take care


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