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The Real Way To End Cannabis Prohibition.....Where It Started..In Parliament




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Gr8t movie I saw this the other day. Well made for a young man good on him too. But where does this leave us with the "smarties" parties are they not all in the same box?
Well I have chatted with Dan the movies maker and I think he will vote green as I told him I used to work for the government and they have lots of machines to answer all the calls you want .... its a waste of time to call

Yes I agree though I thought they did great!
I guess the video just hit the streets/web as many people are now talking about it. Kinda scary when you see our elected and ex elected officials scrambling for words in the video. A "normal" interview we watch on the news they seem more relaxed, at ease when answering the "tough questions" hmmmm could they be set up that way? LOL

Let me ask you this John what will the Greens do if elected and the IMF pulls the same move as they did back in the day against the NDP? Will they let the whole thing come apart at the seams? It really only seems to be the way out. I guess the quicker way out that is since it must come to a bitter end at some point. 100,000's jobs lost since the beginning of the "recession" and they are chirping in the media things might be over??

It has happened many many times over.
It is natural in our capitalistic system...boom and bust

We need to change the system and if you read vision green you will see we do have ideas.

But the whole thing is now built on corruption and greed with out concern for our neighbors...it has to change if humans are to really survive I would think.
its Tim isn't It?You?

I don't like annony types normally but you are here so I guess this is fine
Hi I'm not Tim I am Keith. I am not here to cause any trouble I can assure you of this. I have made many posts online all under the same "online name". I would like to learn more and I try and help others. Do you prefer real names here? I just received my MMAR card and I grow so I would not use my real name online for the safety of my family. Sad to say I live in fear still and I'm legal. I sent you a PM with some info I hope that helps. As i said I'm not here to attack I am here to learn and help if I can.

Take care.
no biggy

I signed up at that site



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