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The Real Way To End Cannabis Prohibition.....Where It Started..In Parliament

Its been going on all week after the emery-iots attacked Marco Renda over a radio interview in which Marco decided to have medical cannabis users ask the questions

I have had so may attack my view over my comments and here is a sample

But first here is the recording as well  just skip around for the comments unless you like poor pot music..LOL


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The link is the radio show the attachment some feed back as I stuck up for marco but I look forward to political efforts without a circus
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emery gets his wish and USA jail
by shavluk » Mon May 10, 2010 12:58 pm

Michelle Rainy just called
jody texted her
emmeriot goes south but gets to come back and serve here in canada

so he will sadly be out by XMAS...humbug

I guess next time go to court instead of grand standing

it is not about emery no matter how much he gets on the news people

we will only ever end this in parliament
for organized political information






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