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The Real Way To End Cannabis Prohibition.....Where It Started..In Parliament


You will see an edited second post there by me and I said I would post here what it actually said before they became bullies and deleted it ignoring the history of the issue and probably to appease the cowardly leadership
Its like they want to water down the policy

I asked all greens to not elect paul at the last council election and he was not

I will work to educate him or silence his influence if need be by supporting some one to take over in his riding

See the link for the whole thread


Mothers Milk is the Gateway Drug new

Bram......I cant get upset with you here....thanks

Paul ......well ...as I also have a military background of sorts I will have to excuse your unearned sense of self importance and remind you again your current rank in the world is now buck private....like most of us


You are no one.

We are all equal members at least on paper

I understand your need to drag your moralistic pet peeve in every couple of months to make your opinion of your ability to be an effective green understandable....your excuse I guess?

please pay it no mind at all as I am sure the emails I have now sent gets you very many new recruits to take over for you if necessary

With some of my friends in jail for smoking cannabis and todays story of an ex conservative MP walking from speeding... driving drunk and even packin cocaine well hahaha yes paul cry us a river but I will go toe to toe with you sunshine any time give it a go

I find your post as you know repulsive

full of someone thinking themselves more important than my personal freedom and well...obviously to me your tone is very very disgusting

If I had a wish I would jail you just for your own education

Can we start to expose your hypocrisy again by again calling for your proof of cancer or any deaths with cannabis

and how about to make it harder for me besides just both hands tied behind my back ....the deaths I gather will only be from those who died from just drinking too much water and we will see who is more effective and who finds more bodies? K pauly?

I guarantee you that you will lose ....as there are no bodies like you seek and lots for me to show you

Welcome back john you say eh paul?

Thank paul all of you !!

Can I get a "Oh what about the children" ??? hahhaha from the choir of hypocrites?

Of course lets just jail the parents for paul

Like if I said the same things or attitudes about gay marriage.......hey we will only fine them but not give them a criminal record...wow...how nice of me to say who can love who eh paul?

Dont you know who I was ???? eh says paul hahhaha

I know you think yourself doing me a favor by continuing to jail those just like me....moral blindness jailing innocents and ruining lives and families are obviously more important to a "sweet guy" like yourself than even winning seats as a progressive eh paul?

Have you thought of mandatory whippings maybe to remove demons paul?

"Dont ask and dont tell " is that pauls motto to?

I sure hope you don't drink alcohol ....man oh man....no I better save that one for now

But I wonder if any of my contacts in Ottawa can maybe help me out with another drunk driving investigation?????hmmm...LOL

I hope all of you do of course realize how much I am holding myself back with this paul as its my first day back an all after being banned for reposting that story about bernie farber being a bully by ezra levant .....yes he just called the batty line here and with a swoop of a magic broom I was banished .....again

Good thing I bounce back so well

Oh god if only he would go away !!

Maybe if I make a false complaint to police?...hahahha

I am now aware of how much power the bully(to me) has with this current leadership

But to reopen this debate rather than do something to further it instead.... is very telling as I am now convinced paul is merely a pawn for someone else

So again support the policy or stand again for your own nomination as you yes have brought this on yourself...again!

Jail em to save em...god and general god even told paul was apparently just peachy hahhahaha

Dont you know who he is?

He cant be a good green with that kind of policy and gays too...is that it?

What utter stupidity to not look this electoral gift in the mouth as we instead look in dinosaurs mouths for the future answers....

sure thats the ticket to success ....LOL

I hope my newer nicer persona reached you properly paul....as it is an effort

See you at your next attempt at removing what you are afraid of addressing as a candidate in this party

(disclaimer:do not be confused and think shavluk is the green party talking...hahha) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43rCNlBNnGA&feature=digest http://shavluk.com/http://whyprohibition.ca/ http://juror.ca

  • and 

here is what I posted today at GPC
please use the regular sites and not here as I have posted this to the greens
use regular emails again to share info and get the word out

and continue to build the money not sent in for our own teams

we must be ready for august
all those who need funding to get there please follow the instructions from your team leaders


By John Shavluk on 11 March 2010 - 12:02pm
"Its too bad may broke her promise in the TV debates"

This shows on the right hand side as a post....yet no such post comes up when you try to see it

Why is this?

Who decides these things?

To all those I signed up please use the following site where all posts will be put first! from now on and if they are gone here you can still read them there


I also ask all of you to get ready to stand up and remove the censorship we find here by electing our own as council and to make sure we are ready to over take the vote to get a leadership contest as sent out to all of you

We have had enough and now formally working to effect things ourselves

I ask that you all also continue the financial policy we struck months ago and continue holding it yourselves

If any one else has this problem here please advise me as well so we can add it to the files at pottalk and the main site which I wont add here...ask your group leaders

To all those unaware you can also see video of the recent police visit my wife myself and others experienced feb 5 2010 caused by a malicious false complaint ( I cant put the name here as this thread will also disappear but see it there)

Its bizarre and so nice to have to hide like this at the so called free and open party...wow

But if the police abuse investigations are successful the media will come out with it themselves and help us

If we want our own freedom we obviously need to do it our selves and we are

And with so many attempts to water down our cannabis policy here and with all these games I have explained else where please yes spread this info around and give everyone the links to our other sites

To those of you just regular greens I am and have been abused so many times I have given up and strickly working at obtaining real leadership in this party and working legally to do so

Yes it is unfortunate but completely needed as we do not take abuse lying down any more

Please try to understand our motives and realize we have done a lot for the party and will again after our goals are reached...but never before

Any that have questions can ask here although any brought by me please do so the regular way as I have already been told they will ban me for a year next time....can you imagine ? wow

If that happens please move to the main plan as discussed and continue to leave here

I hope this is not just deleted and myself banned but you know what to do if it happens


so this is what they took out as  well

""""Its too bad may broke her promise in the TV debates

Yes then this issue would be moot what with us probably already having
seats in parliament.

The safe cowardly attitude resulted in no mention as promised and of
course again no seats...ho hum

We are no more courageous than any other party when we succumb to
obvious fear and further down on the voters list

Canadians are smarter than who ever decided to break the promise in
the TV debates and ignore them and their issue

They ...LOL...are not STUPID!!

Breaking an advertised promise gave them the right to completely
ignore the green party and rightly so !

Those not afraid and not cowards will do well to read and use our
actual press release from Oct 11 2007

(oct 11 2007 policy cut out by them)

then it goes on

So .....Who here is not a coward and thinks our policy very sound and
worth seats?

Imagine if this was about stopping the jailing of fat people and
because we had done so for 101 years some were still afraid of our new
policy against continuing that policy...thats quite simply what is
happening here

Some one just kindly sent the entire saturday thread paul mentions in this

I will go read it and be back

I look forward to seeing who said what and remind all of you I will
prove this issue important to canadians

Thank you to who sent me the entire thread as well !

Do not use this site unless privately use the regular sites

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